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This is a general list of Backpacks found in Dragon Saga.

Class Specific Sets

Warrior Magician Archer Thief Shaman Twin Fighter
Knight Gladiator Monk Wizard Hunter Marksman Bandit Infiltrator Summoner Twin
Paladin Myrmidon Priest Warlock Pathfinder Specialist Rogue Assassin Elementalist Mirage
Dragoon Overlord Invoker Sorcerer Sentinel Destroyer Savage Ninja Spirit Lord Jumeaux


Neck Head Pads Back Top Gloves Belt Bottom Shoes Shield Ring Earring Other Set Gear


Level Req Gear Class P.Def M.Def Special Option
Level 1
Keemart Wings.png Keemart Wings
All Classes 192 153 Str +5, Int +5, Health +5, Agi +5, Aim Rate +3.0%
Level 20
(Old) Goldhorn Wings.png (Old) Goldhorn Wings
Wizard 24 19
Level 20
Water Guardian Backpack.png Water Guardian Backpack
All Classes N/A N/A
Level 23
Dr. Farrell's Adrenaline Capsule.png Dr. Farrell's Adrenaline Capsule
All Classes 66 54 ATK Speed +5.0%
Level 27
(Old) Illusion Wings.png (Old) Illusion Wings
Wizard 48 38
Level 27
(Old) Butterfly Wings.png (Old) Butterfly Wings
Monk 48 38
Level 34
(Old) Demon Wings.png (Old) Demon Wings
Wizard 72 57
Level 35
Shroom's Water Pot.png Shroom's Water Pot
All Classes 84 67 Int +5, Atk Speed +5.0%
Level 34
(Old) Angel Wings.png (Old) Angel Wings
Monk 72 57
Level 40
(Old) Outer Space Wings.png (Old) Outer Space Wings
Warlock 96 76
Level 40
(Old) Lucky Wings.png (Old) Lucky Wings
Priest 120 95
Level 45
Akanai Cape.png Akanai Cape
All Classes 179 158 Critical Damage +12.0%
Level 45
Mysterious Cape of the Fog.png Mysterious Cape of the Fog
All Classes 147 118 Critical rate +5.0%
Level 45
Valkyrie Cape(Assassin).png Valkyrie Cape(Assassin)
Assassin 128 118
Level 47
(Old) Splinter Wings.png (Old) Splinter Wings
Warlock 120 96
Level 51
Heirloom Vella's Wings.png Heirloom Vella's Wings
All Classes 48 38
Level 54
(Old) Desire Wings.png (Old) Desire Wings
Warlock 144 115
Level 55
Arka's Wings.png Arka's Wings
All Classes 154 123 ATK Speed +5.0%
Level 55
Boost Backpack Perry.png Boost Backpack Perry
All Classes 172 138 Movement Speed +5.0%
Level 55
Boost Backpack Signus.png Boost Backpack Signus
All Classes 172 138 Movement Speed +8.0%, Crit Damage +15.0%
Level 60
(Old) Kimart Wings.png (Old) Kimart Wings
All Classes 48 38 [Set Bonus] Agility +48
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