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Official Client installation

  1. Access Official Dragon Saga Download Page
  2. Input your WarpPortal ID and PW to download DragonSaga-Installer- (This file should be around 300KB) Your WarpPortal ID is an Email Address.
  3. Execute/Click on DragonSaga-Installer- and keep clicking. It'll ask you to decide on a Temporary Download Folder and a permanant download folder and your Dragon Saga ID and PW.

The Installer will download all the necessary parts. Do not touch it until it is completed.
Use a download manager if you have internet stability problems. (e.g. GetRight). Will save partial downloads and allows resuming.

  1. Once the Installer is completed Double Click the Dragon Saga Icon on your Desktop and allow the file to Patch. This current Dragon Saga Installer patches Client 1.61

Do not cancel the patching process. The merging process is extremely slow

Alternative Client

How To Use This Method

  1. Cut/Paste your Dragon Saga folder to an alternative location such as C:\Program Files\Gravity\Dragon Saga2 (This will act as backup.)
  2. Uninstall the installed Dragon Saga via Windows control panel.
  3. Delete anything remaining in your C:\Progran Files\Gravity\Dragon Saga Folder
  4. Restart your computer to flush out any possible files that the computer may still be accessing
  5. Run Ccleaner registry cleaner to further clear things out. (Make a backup)
  6. Download the RAR files from the Downloads section below.
  7. Download WinRAR or 7zip and extract all rar or zip files to C:\Program Files\Gravity\Dragon Saga Alternative Client. (This can be whatever you want it to be)
  8. Run the "Patcher.exe" file inside newly created Dragon Saga Alternative Client folder.
  • Steps 4 and 5 are NOT required. They are just steps to ensure that the client is a clean install.
  • You can right-click the icon and select "Create Shortcut" to create a copy of the file. That file can be cut and pasted on to your Desktop for convenience
  • Reduce as many background programs as possible while patching.


Official Client

Download all the files in the folder and then the installer

Alternative Client

These are unofficial Alternative Clients. (It is basically a working client archived and uploaded.) I take no responsibility for these clients unless indicated.


Playing Dragon Saga with a Mac

See Guide here


Patch Related issues

The general solution to patch related issues is to delete from your c:/Program Files/Gravity/Dragon Saga Folder and repatch your client.

Examples of Patch related issues are

  • pink backgrounds
  • text missing
  • Client disconnecting upon channel or character selection
  • Runtime Errors

Blank Square Boxes

If your problem fits this description "when I open the launcher to patch I just get a box full of squares" then please

  • Open game folder (ex. C:\Program Files\Gravity\Dragon Saga), delete the file Patcher.exe, Rename Patcher2.exe to Patcher.exe.
  • Run Dragon Saga again and it will start patching.

Bug Trap

The solution appears to be to reinstall a particular file See this thread

Other Issues

If you cannot connect also check your Firewall and or Router to see if it is allowing Dragon Saga. You should do this as Admin.

All Other issues

If this does not work try downloading an Alternative Client and trying to access the game. Please also check your router and firewall settings.

If your client is slow loading between maps but is otherwise fine, Defrag your computer as your client maybe extremely fragmented.

Other issues should be sent to WarpPortal staff for support. WarpPortal support requires a different ID and pw from the Dragon Saga ID and pw and your WarpPortal ID and Password.

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