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Example of Q Mark on Quest Monster

Quests are one of the primary features of Dragon Saga. There are many different types of quests which provide basic gears, insight in game storyline, and or useful items.

Required missions, monsters, and arcades where monsters or items are located are indicated by a QMark.png

Complete mission level quests do not show a QMark.png for the required speed map.

Types of Quests

  • Hero Quests are quests that address the main storyline of Dragon Saga. These quests are mostly required for job changing.
  • Adventure Quests are extra quests which provide EXP, weapons and various other benefits to the player.
  • Repeatable Quests are quests that can be repeated so long as the player is in range of the quest.
  • Guild Quests are quests for players to obtain EXP for their guild.
  • Hunter G Quests are 10 daily quests that can be repeated by players to obtain items.
  • Wanted Quests are 8 daily monster kill count quests that can be repeated for players to obtain monster cards or other beneficial items.
  • Couples Quests are quests required for players to become a couple
  • Other Quests are quests that do not fit in the above categories.
  • Event quests are quests available for a limited period of time.

Quests Sorted by Category and Level

Quests by Category Quest Charts Quests by Level
Red!.pngRedquestion.png Category:Hero Quests Hero Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 1-10 Quests
Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Category:Adventure Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 11-20 Quests
Blue!.pngBluequestion.png Category:Repeatable Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 21-30 Quests
Green!.pngGreenquestion.png Category:Guild Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 31-40 Quests
Green!.pngGreenquestion.png Category:Hunter G Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 41-50 Quests
Green!.pngGreenquestion.png Category:Wanted Quests Wanted Board Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 51-60 Quests
Green!.pngGreenquestion.png Category:Daily Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 61-70 Quests
Pink!.pngPinkquestion.png Category:Couples Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Level 71-80 Quests
Purple!.pngPurplequestion.png Category:Other Quests Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png
Yellow!.pngYellowquestion.png Event Quests Grey!.pngGreyquestion.png Category:Quest Trees
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