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Example user interface
  1. Active Buffs : Displays the buffs currently active for the player. EXP 5% is the channel bonus
  2. Handy Quest Window : Displays current quests and objectives. The player can double-click to obtain the full details of the quest or to remotely complete the completed quest. Hero Quests are indicated with a red background and cannot be remotely completed. (Some Adventure Quest cannot be remotely completed)
  3. Party : Displays the current level, class of a party. The crown icon indicates the party leader. The running icon indicates which party member is on a different map than the player.
  4. MyHome : Allows the player to go to his/her MyHome or access their invitation list to go to a friend's MyHome
  5. Party Search : Allows a player to seek out open parties or party members throughout the world of Dragon Saga
  6. Mailbox : Indicates when a player has unopened mail.
  7. Player Location : Displays map, channel, and mini map locations of the player. M shows the world map. N shows a detailed view of the map the player currently is on. NPCs are indicated in a lime green dot or ! ? if there is a quest
  8. Money : Displays the amount of money possessed by the player.
    100 Coppers = 1 Silver
    100 Silvers = 1 Gold
  9. Character Context Menu : Access to detailed character info, Inventory, Skill Tree, Quest Log, Guild Window, Community Window, Journal, PvPMarketItem Mall, and System Menu
  10. Chat Window : Displays system notices, and user chat messages. Types of chat can be sorted using tabs. Players can choose which group they wish to talk to using F5 and F7-F9 Keys.
  11. Hotkey : Allows easy access for skills and items. Page Up and Page Down Keys will scroll the lower Quickbar
  12. Character Info and EXP Gauge : Shows the character's level, HP, MP and EXP. The progression bar displays how much EXP the player requires to get to the next level. Lighter colored bar indicates the amount of Resting EXP the player has.

List of Default Hotkeys

For detailed information on basic game control, see Basic Game Controls

Keypad and other settings can be changed by going to ESC -> Options or ESC -> Keypad

Default Keypad

Character Context Keys Hotkey
U Character Info Directional Keys Character moves in direction
I Inventory Directional Keys pressed twice rapidly Character dashes
K Skill Tree Z Charge Attack or Portal Key
L Quest Log X Basic Attack
G Guild Window Down Key + X Attack a fallen enemy
H Professions Window C Jump.
Breaks fall if executed upon falling
Y Community Window Dash + C Jump a farther distance
J Journal C + Dash Dash in the air
M World map C + a Directional Key Breaks fall and executes a recovery roll .
N Mini map Spacebar Interact with NPCs
Page Up Scrolls Hotkey bar up Page Down Scrolls Hotkey bar down 
ESC Access System Options Window    
Print Screen Take a Screenshot    
F10 Toggles UI on and off    
Emotion Player Chat
Alt +1 Hi Enter Opens chat window
Alt +2 Bow F5 or /s Regular Chat
Alt +3 Rush F6 or /w or /r Whisper
Alt +4 Clap F7 or /p Party Chat
Alt +5 Honor F8 Friend Chat
Alt +6 Victory F9 or /g Guild Chat
Alt +7 Sorry #1-#12 Emoticons  
Alt +8 Sit    

ESC Menu

ESC Menu
  1. Help : General Help
  2. Ranking : Lists the highest ranking players on the server
  3. Change Channel : Changes Channels
  4. Key/Pad Setup : Allows the user to customize keyboard control setup
  5. Option : General Options
  6. Relocate : Relocate your character in case your character is position bugged

ESC Menu Options

ESC Menu Options
General Settings
  1. Easy Settings [High/Low/Custom]
  2. Background Quality [High/Low]
  3. View Distance [High/Low]
  4. Background Shading [High/Low]
  5. Anti Aliasing [High/Low]
  6. Bloom Effect [On/Off]
  7. Texture Filtering [High/Low]
  8. Texture Resolution [High/Low]
  9. Interface Color [Yellow/Red/Blue/White]
  10. Full Screen [On/Off]
  11. Vsync [On/Off]
  12. Glass Break Effect [On/Off]
  1. Background Sound
  2. Sound Effects
Misc Options
  1. Chat Options ->ignore certain chat or automatically refuse Whispers
  2. Community Options Automatically refuse Invites to party/trade/guild
  3. Display NPC/Player Name when on screen
  4. Autolooting when you pass over loot instead of clicking to loot
  5. Display player HP bar or Equipment (Useful for hiding skill heads such as from Focus
  6. Displays Quests in Journal.
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