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World Map

The World of Dragon Saga is largely divided into Towns, Fields, Missions, Hidden Maps and Dungeons maps.

Field map is a large space where users may share together to hunt monsters or socialize.

Towns are where players are safe from harm. There are very few monsters on these maps.

Dungeons are a maze type map with a boss monster inside.

Missions maps are a part of the Field maps. Various quests are related with mission maps and each mission has its own Field Boss monster. A maximum of four players can enter a mission at the same time.

El Grego

Port of Winds
Moonlight Shore Village
Area Towns Fields Missions Dungeons
Wind Plains Odellia Windia Plains Field Windia Plains
Advanced Windia Plains Field Advanced Windia Plains
Traitor's Ridge Field Traitor's Ridge
Howling Wind's Hill Field Howling Wind's Hill Wolves' Den
Canyon of Oblivion Field Canyon of Oblivion
Wailing Hill Field Wailing Hill Wolves' Den
Coast Area Port of Winds Bearded Whale Coast Field Bearded Whale Coast City Hall Culverts
Jigsaw Pincers Coast Field Temple of Water
Decker Shark Piers Field Dungeon of Spirits
Steven Trading Port Field Steven Trading Port
Nautilus Port Field
Kalygon Fleet Field Kalygon Fleet
Zodiac Dungeon Lobby Aries(Monday)
Ophiuchus(Saturday & Sunday)
Windy Farm
Halloween Event Secret Foggy Forest
Hero Sanctuary Moonlight Shore Village Milkyway Sanctuary Field Milkyway Sanctuary Underground Graveyard (30)
Skypie Sanctuary Field Skypie Sanctuary Underground Graveyard (35)
Belkan Sanctuary Field
Parmir Sanctuary Field Spectres' Tower
Culvert Field
Dangerous Caverns Field Dangerous Caverns
Mining Area Field
Magma Belt Abyss of Fire Field
Magma Coral Fields
Libra Valid Raeth Field Valid Raeth Magma Dungeon
Smoldering Swamp Field Smoldering Swamp
Dried Woods Swamp Field
Reed Swamp Field


Kazeura Village
Fungoid Village
Village of Ash Mist
Ellora Camp
Area Towns Fields Missions Dungeons
Kazeura Kazeura Village Eruda Velly Field Akia Cave
Salvalon Field Salvalon
Lamieta Field Lamieta
Pine Cone Hills Field Pine Cone Hills
Misty Lane Field Verdurous Forest
Collapsed Sanctuary Field
Kayron Altar Field
God's Sanctuary Field God's Sanctuary Kundara Dungeon
Wasteland Hill Fungoid Village Tutu Tree Forest Field
Forgotten Village Field Forgotten Village
Ruined Mushroom Factory Field
Village of Slumber Field Village of Slumber
Blizzard Ridge Field
Land of Temptation Field Land of Temptation
Frost Lake Field
Frigid Canyon Field Frigid Canyon
Storm Snowfield Field
Vartika Hill Field Vartika Hill
Vanshi Gorge Field Red Fox Delta
Evil Spirit Mountains Village of Ash Mist Ice Rock Hill Field Van Cliff
Rancorous Forest Field
Chaser's Ridge Field Chaser's Ridge
Snowy Graveyard Field
Haven of Peace Field Haven of Peace
Marshmallow Valley Field
Bear Claw Mine Field Bear Claw Mine
Verglas Ridge Field Verglas Ridge
Edge of the World Ellora Camp Dragon Velly Field Dragon Velly Drakos Tower
Wing Gorge Field
Nail Hill Field
Black Claw Nest Outpost Edge of the World Field Edge of the World Black Claw Nest
Continents of Dragon Saga
El Grego · Chaos
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